Monday, November 5, 2007

Expo-nential opportunities

What do key chains, hand sanitizer and packet of dried plums have in common? They’re just a small sample of the bounty of giveaways available at the APHA Public Health Expo.

When the doors opened Sunday afternoon, flocks of APHA Annual Meeting attendees eagerly dispersed to hundreds of booths to speak with representatives, gather information and, of course, pick up lots of free goodies. It was like a public health free-for-all.

The Expo, which will continue through Wednesday, includes more than 700 booths where attendees can learn about public health careers, publishers, computer and pharmaceutical companies, schools of public health, health-related government agencies and other public health service and product-related organizations. Chatting with booth representatives today, Expo-goers had the chance to network and drop off resumes with prospective employers, learn more about public health research and opportunities, and collect souvenirs.

In Publishers’ Row, visitors swooped up Rand Corporation’s “Research at a Glance” briefs on topics ranging from reducing obesity to consumer-directed health care. Mingling in the row of schools of public health, visitors at the Drexel University School of Public Health booth learned about academic programs while snacking on pretzels. In the cluster of technology companies, visitors got an up-close look at the Gaumard Scientific Company Inc.’s life-size human simulators — don’t worry, they’re for educational uses only. And after gathering informational brochures and pamphlets from around the room, visitors relaxed in armchairs at the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Public Health and Science booth to read over their materials.

If you’re stopping by the Expo this week — and why wouldn’t you? — navigating the event need not feel overwhelming. Walk two steps in the door and a large map will help you plot your trip. Feeling adventurous? Then just pick a direction and wander. If you get lost, just look up for the giant signs pointing out general booth categories, such as “Schools of Public Health,” “Publishers” or “Everything APHA.”

And you might want to bring an extra bag with you — just in case your eyes are bigger than your tote bag.

— A.B.


Anonymous said...

The expo provides a great opportunity to stop and chat with interesting folks about interesting issues.

Anonymous said...

Dried plums? C'mon now. We are talking about prunes, people. PRUNES. Not that I am knocking prunes, mind you (gotta keep that colon clean). But let's call 'em what they are.