Sunday, October 26, 2008

National Public Health Week 2009: ‘Building a Foundation for a Healthy America’

It’s almost here. After months and months and months of commercials, pitches, debates and 24-hour punditry, the presidential election is just around the corner. And no matter who wins, the pressing issues will remain: the nation’s growing health care access crisis, the 45 million Americans who live, work, play and care for their families without any health coverage, and a nationwide health status that continues its perilous trend southward.

And so the advent of a new presidential administration and new Congress provides another critical opportunity for public health to make its voice known — to tell our policy-makers at every level of government that fixing our health care system must be a priority. To tell them that without a serious commitment to improving and strengthening the very foundations of our health — otherwise known as public health — that any health reform won’t live up to its full potential.

That’s why APHA has chosen “Building a Foundation for a Healthy America” as the theme for 2009’s National Public Health Week. The annual public health observance will focus on garnering our collective voice and strength as the protectors of our community’s health to advocate for public health’s vital role in improving our nation’s health. It seems more important than ever to not only build on public health’s past achievements, but to protect those achievements from slowly unraveling.

So start planning now for your 2009 National Public Health Week celebration. Visit the official National Public Health Week Web site and blog for more information on the 2009 theme as well as info on how to become a partner or sponsor, or walk down to the Public Health Expo to visit the National Public Health Week booth. And visit the site in coming months for more details, event ideas and ways to advocate for public health in your community.

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