Monday, November 9, 2009

Just tweet it!

Today, APHA held its first-ever Tweet-up. What's that, you say? (No worries, I didn't know either.) It's a gathering of fellow public health Twitterers who get together to talk about social media and, of course, do a little tweeting from a common event. So, why should public health enter the Twitter and larger social media realm. Just ask Twitterer @healthpolicygroup.

"I think social media is an exciting realm," said @healthpolicygroup. "Twitter is especially interesting in that it makes you be precise and consice in what you want to communicate. And in public health, that's very important."

Twitterer @publichealth couldn't agree more: "There is a real benefit to using social media tools in public health, particularly in communicating information and interacting with other users."

Still wondering what Twitter is? Check out APHA's Public Health Twitter!

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ritaskansie said...

Wish I could have been tehre!