Thursday, June 28, 2012

'A victory for us all'

The live feed from was up in the Midyear Meeting's closing session room.
This update was received with thunderous applause.

If we had bottles of champagne here in Charlotte, the corks would still be popping and the celebratory bubbly flowing. This blogger can't imagine a better place to be right now than surrounded by fellow folks who believe that health care should be a human right and not a privilege. Here are just a few quotes from some very happy APHA members.

"I think this is fantastic. It's surprising...but I'm very proud of the court. Now we can go forward. It's a fantastic decision for the health of the American public." — Past APHA President Deborah Klein Walker

"It's a victory for us all." — Cheryl Johnson Benjamin, South Carolina's United Way of the Midlands

"I'm amazed that logic has won out. It's so amazing to celebrate with all these public health people." — Kerry Burch, North Carolina's Mecklenburg County Health Department

"It's why I went to public health school. It's about time." — Adele Amodeo, executive director, California Public Health Association-North

"The Prevention Fund is constitutional and Congress ought to leave it alone." — Georges Benjamin, executive director, APHA

Read APHA's news release for a full statement from Benjamin on the Supreme Court's ruling.

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