Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We're famous!

This year's APHA Annual Meeting attracted a good bit of media attention, which means word about public health's good works and research is making the rounds! Below is a brief round-up of some of the news reports that made it out from San Francisco.

My Health News Daily: "Teen Sex Rises with Smartphone Use"

Healthline: "Veterans More Likely to Access Alcohol Treatment Programs Than Non-Veterans"

UPI: "School flu shots reduce absences by half"

U.S. News & World Report: "Eating more meals linked to less student overweight"

BMJ Group Blogs: "Gabriel Scally: Obama cares, and so does public health in the USA"

• Examiner: "Teen pregnancy linked to pre-teen literacy levels"

HealthCanal: "Survey shows parents support policies limiting unhealthy food marketing to children"

Above, APHA's Dr. Benjamin gets interviewed by reporters from New Tang Dynasty, a Chinese-language TV station. Photo courtesy David Fouse

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