Monday, October 31, 2011

Takin' it to the streets!

The Metropolitan Washington Public Health Association Health Disparities Committee organized a rally for jobs, health care and racial equality today and invited APHA Annual Meeting attendees to join. Among this blogger's favorite chants was: When public health is under attack, what do we do? Act up! Fight back!

Right on!

Above, rally participants get ready to march. Photos by Kim Krisberg


Anonymous said...

I went to this rally as a call to action from our APHA President whose public declaration "that's why I'll be marching" made a strong impression on me, inspiring me to attend. Where was our leadership at this march? I felt let down, even a bit ashamed of the organization I love. I would LOVE a response from our president or Exec Committee.

Anonymous said...

YES!!!!!!!! I'm in total agreement with the previous post! I came to this blog specifically to ask, where was our leadership??????

Anonymous said...

Enough Research!! Action Now!!!-- describes exactly how i feel.The prior posts are so true.I have been coming to the APHA meetings and have been so disappointed to see all this money for reseach.I then hear the APHA executives tell us Sunday what bad shape the public health system is in. Well as APHA leaders you should be taking actions to move the money from research to helping those in greatest need.I hear complaining about money but not redirecting the money to the least among us.Honestly most of the research done from the presentations i went to were conclusions that are obvious and didnt require money.Watch and read the news and whats going on in our communities. All it is rehashing the obvious. I want to thank the two people who had the courage to make those posters and attend the march. Its not a surprise the executives were not at the march as they spend too much time complaining about money and not enough coming up with solutions given our country is going broke. STOP RESEARCH AND HELP THE NEEDY!