Monday, October 31, 2011

There's a whole lot of research going on

Public health research is on full display at APHA’s poster sessions in the back section of the Public Health Expo. And despite the fact that presenters don’t have quite as much swag as your typical expo booth, these ladies and gentlemen offer some great food for thought on the latest public health research, policy considerations and health trends. The poster sessions cover nearly every health topic imaginable — this is a must see for old and new public health practitioners alike.

With the emphasis of Sunday’s Opening Session on the current crossroads in public health, you can’t help but stand in awe of all the critical work being done by health organizations and public health researchers on today’s most pressing issues as you walk the rows of posters on display.

Catherine Morrison is presenting research that aims to “better connect public health and Alzheimer’s.” Her research demonstrates that Alzheimer caregivers experience greater stress and health problems than other caregivers and according to Morrison, “Alzheimer’s is an under-recognized public health crisis, with nearly 5.4 million Americans living with the disease.” In addition to Morrison’s research, the Alzheimer’s Association has a second poster showing state policies that address Alzheimer’s and recommends public health involvement in guiding future plan development that involves using the 10 Essential Public Health Services framework.

Other featured posters include research on upstream intergenerational communication to increase positive health messages among black families; assessing birth outcomes of mothers living with HIV who go without prenatal care; and a study of how mobile applications have a significant role in injury prevention and emergency preparedness.

So when you have a chance, take a stroll through the poster sessions to learn more about these and other featured research studies.

— M.S.

Photos by Mira Schainker

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