Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cue the media montage

The APHA 142nd Annual Meeting and Exposition is bursting with new science — so much science that it’s bound to find its way outside the walls of the New Orleans convention center. And, indeed, findings from the Annual Meeting have made it onto the pages and screens of news outlets around the country. For your public health reading pleasure, here is a quick round-up of Annual Meeting news coverage.

Time: The surefire way to eat healthier  

• North Carolina Health News: The cost of not wearing a helmet 

Philadelphia Inquirer: Home cooking helps keep the calories down


Baltimore Sun: Public health experts stress importance of trust in West Africa as they fight Ebola 

• Fox 8 Live News: Researcher releases study at NOLA Ebola conference 

• Obesity risk more likely to be higher for disabled adolescents 

U.S. News and World Report: Alcohol taxes may give boost to public health, economy 

• Medscape: Legislation fails to boost HPV vaccine uptake

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