Sunday, November 16, 2014

National Public Health Week 2015: Healthiest nation in one generation

“Healthiest Nation 2030” — that’s the theme of next year’s National Public Health Week celebration as well as a rallying cry to the nation’s public health workforce. In other words, join APHA as we strive to create the healthiest nation in one generation by 2030.

National Public Health Week 2015 will take place April 6–12 and, as always, APHA staff are already hard at work brainstorming and creating the materials and content to help you jumpstart a groundswell of support for better health in your community. In fact, next year marks APHA’s 20th year organizing National Public Health Week, so we’re hoping to make the 2015 observance one of our best ever — and we need your help to do it.

Visit the National Public Health Week website to download our new brochure explaining the 2015 theme and sign up to receive regular updates and news. And please consider signing the APHA pledge acknowledging that creating the healthiest nation starts with a healthy you, a healthy me and a healthy we! Lastly, stop by the National Public Health Week booth — booth 849 — at the Public Health Expo for more info.

We are Generation Public Health!

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