Saturday, November 6, 2010

Better days ahead

It's not a comparison I expected to hear at today's APHA Summit on Health Reform, but I think it's my favorite (and a nice way to round out our summit coverage). When talking about the work to improve quality in care, APHA member Carolyn Clancy, director of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, said a colleague once compared the efforts to 6-year-olds playing soccer: No one's really sure what's going on and they're kinda confused about where the goal is. The best thing about 6-year-olds playing soccer? "They all get better," Clancy said.

Here's to hoping things get better.

— K.K.

Above, from left to right, summit closing session speakers Ileana Arias, principal deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Carolyn Clancy, AHRQ director, and Mary Wakefield, administrator of the Health Resources and Services Administration. Photo by Kim Krisberg

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