Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Look Ma! We're on TV!


Here at APHA, we're media darlings — we like to think so, anyway.

And this year's Annual Meeting is attracting a slew of media attention covering some of latest public health data coming out of Denver. Take a gander at some of the coverage for yourself:

USA Today: Fast food survey: Nearly all are high in calories, sodium
MSNBC.com: Study finds worst fast food meals for kid
CNN's 'The Chart' Blog: Study: Girls take more chances during first sex
Associated Press/The Washington Post: Sex, drugs more common in hyper-texting teens
WebMD: Girls More Likely Than Boys to Have Unprotected First Sexual Encounter
HealthDay News: Teens Waiting Longer for Sex, But Still Taking Risks: Analysis
New York Times: Behavior: Too Much Texting Is Linked to Other Problems

Above, a clip from a local news broadcast covering new fast food marketing data presented at APHA's Annual Meeting.

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timturner22 said...

Congrats, APHA!