Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The few, the proud

Where were you at the crack of dawn? A small but chipper gaggle of public healthers braved the early-morning chill for the Physical Activity Special Primary Interest Group’s third annual 5K Fun Run/Walk, and we were wondering what happened to the rest of you.

The lovely trek down Cherry Creek Trail behind the Colorado Convention Center gave some of us a chance to get a little exercise and fresh air before today’s marathon of scientific sessions. Studies show regular physical activity improves mental alertness, so squeeze a walk in today if you can.

I think it’s true that Denver’s high altitude makes running a little more challenging. During the run I felt like I was really haulin’ the mail, but my time was a couple of minutes slower than the 5Ks I run back home in Virginia. Any of you finding it challenging to work out here in Colorado?

For the record, I came in fourth behind two locals (they’re used to the thin air) and a woman from California who’s training for a 50-mile ultra marathon. One great thing about the 5K, though, was that it was “low-key” and non-competitive, with walkers welcome. Participants were awarded Physical Activity SPIG hats, and I’ll be wearing mine with pride.

And while the SPIG does a great job promoting physical activity, this year’s turnout of about 20 people was the smallest yet, despite Mother Nature’s mercy in giving us pretty much perfect running weather. Any ideas on how the SPIG can promote the run so more of the 12,000 or so people gathered for the Annual Meeting take part?

— D.C.

Above, Annual Meeting attendees do the right thing (and make the rest of us look bad) by joining the annual crack-of-dawn fun run and walk. Photo by Jim Ezell/EZ Event Photography


Catherine said...

More promotion of it, earlier -- I didn't even realize till late yesterday it was happening at all! And maybe a slightly later start time than 6:15... :) I went on my own run with a colleague about an hour later, but the 6:15 was just too early for us! But looks like a great time. And agreed about the altitude!

llamame22 said...

I read about it in the Nation's Health but could not make myself get up that early! Kudos to those who did!

Anonymous said...

6:15 is very early, so congrats to all of you for surviving the thin Denver air. It does take a bit out of you, but that's quite the fit-looking bunch.

Since you're all experienced with it now, why not have a reunion of sorts at the Bolder Boulder (or is it the Boulder Bolder) in May? It's like nothing you've ever experienced in a 10K, all we locals sure would like to see you again!!

Anonymous said...

Try to get vendors to sponsor the event, create T-shirts for the annual event, maybe a contest for best design, have a small registration fee to cover cost and then all other proceeds could go to a non-profit or toward a research project.