Monday, November 2, 2015

Boogie nights

The most fun I’ve had at any APHA Annual Meeting? Doing the #GimmeFive dance with hundreds of my closest public health friends.

As part of this year’s new Wellness Center activities designed to help us all have a healthy meeting, the group dance brought some fabulous energy to McCormick Place. Yes, I was nervous as the crowd of onlookers started to gather around and I realized I didn’t really know the steps that well. But thanks to a lot of enthusiasm on the part of my fellow dancers and the APHA staff leading our practice rounds, it all came together beautifully. A huge thanks to everyone cheering us on as we finished the routine.

The Annual Meeting attendee dancing next to me said she’s been doing the dance in her office as a break between long data analysis sessions. What a brilliant use of stress-relieving movement.

I’d highly suggest you check out the video and dance along. Research shows physical activity improves mood. Dance is an especially fun way to move your body while having a good time.

Even if dance isn’t your thing, check out the Wellness Center behind the Mix and Mingle Lounge in McCormick Place West Central Concourse. You can take a mini exercise break or take a moment to stretch before your next scientific session.

— D.C.

Two top photos of yesterday's #GimmeFive dance by Jim Ezell, courtesy EZ Event Photography

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