Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Start spreading the news!

With so much exciting new science coming out of the 143rd APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition, it's no wonder we're making headlines. From the mental health effects of binge watching TV to food insecurity among college students, the public health research being presented in Chicago is showing up in media outlets across the country. Below is a quick, but not comprehensive, round-up of all the attention we're getting.

Modern Healthcare: Public health issues push past flu and cigarettes into socio-economic areas

CNN: Kids seeing more unhealthy snack ads, report says

Chicago Tribune: Health conference calls for access to abortion as 'human right'

New York Daily News: Binge-watching may lead to depression and other health problems

ABC Radio: Study: Letting your teen party at home could lead to addiction Many college students struggle with food insecurity

International Business Times: Why are anti-vaxxers so persuasive? Pseudoscience, misinformation and healthy behavior

Medical Daily: Lazy Boy: People who don't exercise twice as likely to develop alcohol abuse problems

Business Standard: How Ebola scare stigmatized African immigrants in U.S.

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